According to Wayback Machine, the creation date of was 2001.

Appraisals: appraisal
Estimated Value: $1,112
EstiBot fair market value $250 USD
Estimated Value: $11,003.42

Why this is valuable
Very Short:
Gasr is 15 characters or less. Short domains are more memorable.

Good Extension:
.net is an established extension.

Extensions taken:
The .com and 12 other extensions of gasr are in use.

Highly Searched:
gasr receives over 1,600 searches per month on Google®

Broad Searches
Keyword: gasr
Monthly Searches: 12,100
Cost per Click: $1.35

Exact Searches
Keyword: [gasr]
Monthly Searches: 1,600
Cost per Click: $0.10

Comparable domains sold:                                           $1,271                                          $1,500                                           $1,500

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